About Artist


Ms. Huang has been distinguished by art authorities in Canada, China and Thailand. Her paintings are admired in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Western Europe, Canada and the United States.


This web site is a presentation of her art for sale, and more than that, a profile of an exceptionally gifted painter. This website is not only a display of her professional skills as an oil artist but an opportunity for all of you who visit these pages to get to know a little about the artist.


Ms. Huang has recently moved from Chongqing, China (the world's largest city) where she worked at the SiChuan Fine Arts Institute. She now lives in the United States near Washington, D.C. She keeps busy in her studio, absorbed in her painting. Many paintings are about China, the China she knows and loves. She has a dream one day of travelling the world to display her works and allowing others to see into the Chinese countryside of today. Gifted as a painter and photographer and having a keen eye for composition and color she aptly portrays a China rarely seen and known in oil, in a way that only such a gifted lady as she could do.


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